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These books are for children who can't yet read, children who are beginning to read and children who can read very well.  Mostly they will be read by parents and carers, sharing the stories with lucky children. Even children who can read enjoy listening to a grown-up reading. They’ll also enjoy looking at the pictures - whch help tell the story - and chatting about the story. Whoever you are, reading the story, have fun!  Let yourself go and read with loads of expression.

There are now seven full colour picture books to purchase and keep or borrow from the library. Just click on the cover illustration if you would like to buy the book from Amazon.

Bears on the Stairs

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Available as hardback, paperback or iBook.

To buy the book from Amazon, please click on the cover.

This super review is from Books for Keeps.

 "Right away, from the vulgar nose-picking and tongue-poking loonies depicted on the cover, we know we’re in for some rude and naughty bears who can’t wait to give that subversive thrill kids so adore. And the promise is rewarded for these hairy creatures romp across the pages, bar the doors and hang from the chandeliers throughout the book. Certainly they are ugly and playful rather than scary, but they do still need to be taught a lesson, because they won’t let our hero go upstairs to bed. How bad is that? But the joke is on us because in the end the wicked animals turn out to be under the influence of the boy all along.

Dynamic compositions and jolly palette allow us not take this anxious story too seriously while chalky textures and simple patterns keep the images bold and varied viewpoints keep the scale lively. The characters are definitely not sweet and the cat who mirrors the boy’s feelings is wonderfully quirky. Kids will enjoy the fun." 

 See the Topic Web in Lesson Plans.

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Ants in Your Pants

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Leopard is having a party, but he hasn't invited Aardvark. When naughty ants start biting bottoms at the birthday bash, it isn't long before all the guests are throwing their pants in the air to get rid of them! Only Aardvark can eat the ants and save the day, but will he make it to the party?

Many thanks to Guy Parker Rees for his fantastic illustration. You can buy the book from Amazon by following this link

See the Topic Web - lots of lesson ideas - in Lesson Plans.

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Hey! What's That Nasty Whiff?

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Helpful Hyena is tired of cleaning up everyone else’s mess. Encouraged by Vulture she takes a break and so does he. ‘At first nobody noticed. Till one day Hippo sniffed, And said to all the others.

“Hey! What’s that nasty whiff?”

It’s not long before the other animals are begging them to return, but will they?

Here is a review from the WriteAway website.

"Julia Jarman’s quirky slant on the role hyenas and vultures take in cleaning up after other animals in the wild makes for a fun and entertaining story with a green message. Children will love the deliberately ‘naughty’ leading lines and there is plenty to entertain adult readers too. The illustrations add to the fun and the expressions of some of the animals reacting to the pongy savannah are hilarious. An added bonus for children who want to help save the planet is a downloadable certificate along with some child friendly eco tips available from the publisher’s website."

Follow this link to  get Hyena's Helpful Eco Tips!

Follow this link to get a Save Our Planet Recycling Certificate!

Here is a link to a review of the Slovenian translation of Hey!



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Class Two at The Zoo

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Cover of Class Two at the ZooOn the day Class Two went to the zoo they see a koala kissing a kangaroo, but they don't see the anaconda! Voted Best Book of 2008 by thousands of children, it won the Stockport Schools Book Award.

It's now reaching a wider audience on CITV in the new Bookaboo programme, read by Robson Green. You can see the children wriggling inside the giant snake in Lynne Chapman's animated illustrations.

"From the bouncy mock-sinister rhymes to the illustrations featuring naively wide-eyed kids - and the happy ending - readers who aren't afraid of snakes will find much to enjoy."  HORN BOOK GUIDE

Published by Hodder. ISBN 978-0-340-91161-7  Go to Lesson Plans for a Topic Web. If you would like some line drawings from Class Two at the Zoo for colouring in, please click this link.

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Class Three All at Sea

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Class Three All at Sea When Class Three go to Sea they see donkeys dancing on the quay, and soggy sea lions skimming stones, but they don't notice the skull and cross bones ...

Can the kids outwit the pirates?  What do you think?

'Lynne Chapman's pirates are disgusting!' KS2boy.

Published by Hodder.  ISBN 978-0-340-94466 -0 

Go to Lesson Plans for a great Year 1 Lesson and a KS1 Topic Plan.

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Will There be Polar Bears

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Will There be Polar BearsWILL THERE BE POLAR BEARS?
(Full page colour pictures by Priscilla Lamont, 300 words)

When Sam learns that he's going 'up north' for Christmas he's a bit worried. How will Santa know where to send his presents? When that problem is solved by a letter to Santa he gets excited. Are they going to the North Pole? Will there be ice and snow and POLAR BEARS? Look carefully in the pictures to find the answer!

Mammoth ISBN 0 307 17515 4

Polar Bears is currently out of print, but is now available as an iBook!

You can download it here.


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Big Blue Train

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Big Blue train CoverA follow-up to the prize-winning, Big Red Bath.  Ben and Bella are off on another rhyming adventure. The train puffs and chugga chuffs and clickety clacks its way round the world.  We visit the Arctic, a jungle, a desert and a farm to get to a seaside birthday party.

"The tale is written using rhyme, rhythm and repetition all of which are recognised as supporting children's developing knowledge of written language. A super book which, once read aloud together, children will enjoy browsing through for themselves."


Adrian Reynold's pictures capture all the excitement.

Published by Orchard ISBN 978-1-84616-436-1

Also available as a hard wearing Board book.

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