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The stories at the beginning of this section all have full colour illustrations to help the young reader visualise the action and characters. They are split into chapters, so the young reader isn't daunted by pages of unbroken text.  Some of these books are out of print but you can get them from your local library or often buy them secondhand on Amazon. Please just click on the cover illustration.

Next come books with fewer illustrations, usually in black and white.  The reader must rely on the words to create pictures and tell the story.  Several of the books comprise several short stories, others are broken into chapters to make them more digestible.

At the end of this section you'll find longer stories, short novels, mostly without illustrations.  Children lucky enough to have been read to a lot, often aspire to read these 'meatier' tales.   If they don't, don't worry, keep reading to them! Some children acquire the taste and stamina for reading novels only when they are in secondary school, and these titles will still be suitable.

You can buy all of these books on Amazon, just click on the cover illustration.



NEW BOOK! Make Friends, Break Friends

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title If you're six, sixteen or sixty and female your friends are what matter. You're happy when you're getting on but miserable when you're not! MAKE FRIENDS, BREAK FRIENDS is a girls' book I have to admit. Daisy has two best friends, Phoebe and Erika, but they don't get on. Daisy has a plan to get her two best friends to like each other but suddenly everyone's against her! 

Then the three girls have to spend a night together in a spooky old mill.

For girls of 6+  - these things start early! First in a series, MAKE FRIENDS, BREAK FRIENDS is in bookshops now. The sequel  A FRIEND IN NEED will be out on July 4th 2013.

Read more for two great reviews from pupils at Saint Martin's School, Solihull.


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Pillywiggins and the Tree Witch

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Short-listed - Bedfordshire Children's Book Award

Short-listed - Surrey Children's Book Award

Highly recommended - Red House Children's Book Award 

Pillywiggins is a feisty fairy turned to stone by Tree Witch’s curse. When Natasha finds the fairy, she wants to help bring her back to life, but how? 


Also an AUDI BOOK read by Emma Parish. Available on Amazon.


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Little Tiger and the Fire

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altA Traditional Tale from India


A tale from India, telling how the cat became man's friend. Uncle Tiger has run out of wood for his cooking fire. He sends Little Tiger to fetch some more from the village, but Little Tiger soon forgets about his task.


'Ace for KS1 pupils studying myths and legends.' Teacher.


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The Time Travelling Cat and The Great Victorian Stink

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altTopher's amazing cat, Ka, has time-travelled again; she has left him the clue: CAppeLLis Following her, Topher finds himself in Victorian London where disease is rife and the Thames is clogged with stinking sewage! Topher discovers a plot to kill Joseph Bazalgette, the man who is trying to save the city. Determined to foil it, Topher must first escape from an arch-criminal and his den of thieves. This is the sixth adventure of the "Time-Travelling Cat".


"Very enjoyable caper - young lad in Victorian London tries to prevent a murder with help of 21st century cat." -- Bookbag July 30th 2010

"An evocative, pacey and educative adventure, and we have to recommend it." --The Bookbag, John Lloyd  

Features many aspects of Victorian life: theatre, trade, transport, crime, disease and hygiene, and engineering.  Two Victorian heroes make an appearance: Joseph Bazalgette and Florence Nightingale.

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King Midas' Golden Touch

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A Greek myth.  When King Midas is granted a wish from the god Dionysus, he knows just what to choose: everything he touches to turn to gold. But that's just when all his troubles start...

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Henry Vlll Has to Choose

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Henry VIII Has To ChooseHenry VIII is looking for another wife. So he sends his painter, Hans Holbein, to paint him portraits of all the best-looking princesses. Who will he choose, and will she look like her portrait?

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Story Cat

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If you want some story writing tips buy this one. Please click on the cover to purchase from Amazon


ISBN 1 904904 93 9


This is a unique 'How to write a story' story, which includes my Writing Recipe for cooking up a story. I wrote it because I can't get round to all the schools who want me to run writing workshops. I hope it will help children write stories. For more info email enquiries@eprint.co.uk

Arthur, a floppy-eared dog, wants to write a story. Like lots of children he can think of a beginning, but not a middle or ending. "Write a story tonight," says his wife, "Or go back to your old job." Poor Arthur! His old job was window-cleaning and he's afraid of heights! He's in despair when a mysterious talking cat appears. Story Cat leads Arthur through the story-writing process - and also teaches young readers how to write stories.
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