Flying Friends


Flying FriendsOwl is delighted when Bat arrives in Whispery Wood – he’s got a new flying friend! But not all the animals are pleased to meet him. Bat’s different.

I was inspired to write this story when  Ms Mitten, (our cat, sadly no longer with us) caught a long eared bat. Why are bats always the baddies in stories? Why are people scared of them? I wanted to show people how wonderful bats are!

Teachers note:  There's a Literacy Hour based on Flying Friends. Go to Resources for Teachers to print it off - and PLEASE make sure you have the book in the classroom. I'm happy for you to use extracts as 'tasters' but only if, once you've whetted their appetites, the children can find out WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!

Colour Young Hippo ISBN 0-439-99454-3

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