CLASS TWO AT THE ZOO - the play script!

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In 2013 my dear friend Julie Laslett wrote a play based on my picture-book Class Two at the Zoo and she directed performances.  Sadly Julie died soon afterwards. I'm delighted that Julie's children have given permission for the play-script to be released as a FREE download.  Julie and I thought it would make a great school play and I would be thrilled if teachers downloaded the script and adapted it for performances in their school.

You can download the script for the play by right clicking this link and selecting Save As

Meanwhile if you haven't got it, get Class Two at the Zoo for your children - if they are not of too nervous disposition.  An anaconda, the biggest snake in the world, is on the loose!   Go to my Lesson Plans to find a Topic Web with lots more ideas

alt for using the book in school.  You'll also find a picture to colour. 

 Click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yIZ4Anscq4&feature=youtu.be#

to see a clever librarian from Bighorn Library make a snake from craft foam .  

It's fun book with lots of value.

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