January 2010 - New Books for Tots and Teens



altHEY! WHATíS THAT NASTY WHIFF? comes out on the first day of February.

Helpful Hyena is tired of cleaning up everyone elseís mess. Encouraged by Vulture she takes a break and so does he. 

ĎAt first nobody noticed

Till one day Hippo sniffed

And said to all the others.

ďHey! Whatís that nasty whiff?Ē

Itís not long before the other animals are begging them to return, but will they?


Itís a picture book with a message - that we all need to work together to save the planet - but Garry Parsonís hilarious pictures ensure that you will be laughing all the way to the recycling bin. When I wrote the story I called it 'Helpful Hyena'.  My publishers changed the title to 'Save the Savannah!' to flag up the eco theme.  This is an earlier cover which I rather like.


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