• Books for Tots

    These books are for children who can't yet read, children who are beginning to read and children who can read very well.  Mostly they will be read by parents and carers, sharing the stories with lucky children. Even children who can read enjoy listening to a grown-up reading. They’ll also enjoy looking at the pictures - whch help tell the story - and chatting about the story. Whoever you are, reading the story, have fun!  Let yourself go and read with loads of expression.

    There are now seven full colour picture books to purchase and keep or borrow from the library. Just click on the cover illustration if you would like to buy the book from Amazon.

  • Books for Teens

    Titles in this section deal with challenging issues relevant to teens, specifically war, peace and conflict resolution in Peace Weavers and bullying in Hangman.  In Peace Weavers, the heroines, one Anglo Saxon, the other very twenty-first century, are sixteen.  Both yearn for peace in war-torn countries.

    Hangman is about bullying in a secondary school. Readers the same age as the characters will identify with them, but so will mature younger readers.

    Crow Haunting  is about teenage girls, one modern, one from the Stone Age, both with too much responsibility thrust upon them. 

    I have included  titles from my Time Travelling Cat series in this section, because Topher, the cat's owner - or does she own him? - goes to secondary school in all but the first book in the series. Themes interesting to teenagers include animal rights, bullying and living with terrorism.

    You can buy all of these books on Amazon, please click on the cover illustration - or borrow them from your local library.

  • Books for In Betweens

    The stories at the beginning of this section all have full colour illustrations to help the young reader visualise the action and characters. They are split into chapters, so the young reader isn't daunted by pages of unbroken text.  Some of these books are out of print but you can get them from your local library or often buy them secondhand on Amazon. Please just click on the cover illustration.

    Next come books with fewer illustrations, usually in black and white.  The reader must rely on the words to create pictures and tell the story.  Several of the books comprise several short stories, others are broken into chapters to make them more digestible.

    At the end of this section you'll find longer stories, short novels, mostly without illustrations.  Children lucky enough to have been read to a lot, often aspire to read these 'meatier' tales.   If they don't, don't worry, keep reading to them! Some children acquire the taste and stamina for reading novels only when they are in secondary school, and these titles will still be suitable.

    You can buy all of these books on Amazon, just click on the cover illustration.



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