Presentation 3 - Tell Me


Presentation 3


“TELL ME ...”

NB. Children do need to know at least one of my books quite well. They need to have read one or, at least, listened to being read.


I ask children to tell me :


1. What they liked about the book

2. What they hated about the book

3. What puzzled them about the book

4. What the book made them think about*

*For example, did the book have any connections with their own life? Did it take them away from their own life into another world? Did any of the characters remind them of real people?

Children can ask me:

…anything about the book and my writing life.

This is a chance for children to talk back and question me. It allows me to go into greater depth about the writing process and the content of my stories. 

(Questions about my personal life aren’t out of bounds as I work from home and have been inspired by my family.)

The aim is a discussion in which we all gain greater understanding and greater enjoyment. No more than one class at a time for this please, as I would like everyone to contribute.

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