Organising an Author Visit


Please contact me by email giving your postal address and telephone number and if possible, your preferred dates for the visit.  

I live just north of Bedford UK and I'll drive to schools within a 70 mile radius, sometimes further if the route is straightforward. For longer journeys and visits to schools in the London area I travel by train.

Visits are more valuable if staff and children have read at least one of my books beforehand, so please introduce my books to your pupils. I like my books to be available for children and parents to buy - and have autographed if they wish.  

A local bookshop should be happy to supply books on sale or return.  If that's difficult I can put you in touch with a supplier, or I can bring books with me, but not if I'm coming by train. I give a discount to the school to be taken in free books. 

Bookshops will usually do this too. Please ask! 

Please, also tell your local library that I'm coming

I always encourage pupils to borrow books from the library.

I charge a fee of £430 for 3 hour-long sessions (or if time allows, 4 three quarters of an hour-long sessions or more shorter sessions for very young children), plus travel and VAT (in UK and Europe) which is reclaimable by schools and libraries.  

The fee for a half day varies depending on travel.  A non-refundable deposit of £50 is required to secure the booking.

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