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Lesson Plans: English Year 7 - Hangman

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Hangman Cover

 Thanks to Gill Davies and Donna Levene of Henlow Middle School for their generosity in sharing the lesson plans that follow. They and other teachers in the school have taught Hangman to Year 7 classes for many years - 'because it works every time.'  Note that the references to Bronte, Chaucer, Kipling and Shakespeare are to the four work groups in each class.  There are a few references to worksheets that I haven't yet acquired, but the plans for a half term's work will save teachers hours of planning time.

Other teachers have used Hangman with Y6 classes with great success and these plans can be adapted for younger or older groups.

Week 1

  10 m Word/Sentence Starter Introduction (20 m) Development (20 m) Plenary (10 m)/Homework
Lesson 1
Y7 Sentence Level Starter 2 - Using adjectives and adverbs. Follow bullet points under activity.
Read Chapter 1 to the class. On board begin to construct character web of main characters/families mentioned so far. Get key family names, then stop.
Scan read chapter, and on their own copies of character web, complete names of famly members.
As a class put in the relationship arrows on character web, to show connections between families and characters.
Lesson 2
Y7 Sentence level copymaster for starter 2 - adjectives and adverbs. Follow sheet.
Recap character web from lesson 1. Focus on principal characters - Danny, Nick and Toby. Look at key descriptive passages for Toby - analyse what these tell us abbout his personality.
Spellings - _ey words. Set for class homework.
Lesson 3
Each group thinks of as many adjectives and adverbs for each of 5 letters of the alphabet as possible. Divide alphabet between groups - Bronte: a,b,c,d,e and so on. Miss out x. Get feedback quickly.
Read chapter 2 - rotate parts of Danny, Nick, the teacher, Callum and Mrs Tate aroung pupils - read narrative yourself.
All groups apart from Shakespeare work in Draft books listing all the ways Nick is nasty to Danny in Chapter 2. Teacher work with Shakespeare, lookin at Nick's motivation for his actions, including why he wants to stay out of trouble, stabs model's eyes out, etc.
Shakespeare shares their thoughts and decisions about NIck's personallity and motivation.
Lesson 4
Test spellings.
In groups on big pieces of paper list the things that make Danny "different" and therefore a victim. teacher work with Bronte. feedback from Jane Austen. Anything to add from other groups?
Read Chapter 3
Chaucer and Kipling groups stand at front of class - each person has to say one positive thing about Danny - no repetition!
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Lesson Plans: English Year 8 PeaceWeavers'

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Thank you to Liz Wickins and Sarah Keenan of Margaret Beaufort Middle School for generously sharing their enthusiasm and experience of teaching this text.

These activities refer to the hardback edition, which has a different cover to the paperback. It is a good idea to have at least one copy of the hardback to compare with the paperback cover.

Lesson 1

Objectives: To discover what the book is about.

Starter: Sentence construction and accurate punctuation.

Main Activity:  Discuss the front cover and ideas about the text from the illustrations. Discuss pupils’ suggestions. Steer towards a discussion of the banners, where would they be seen? What are the slogans referring to? What could the bones be on the bottom half of the cover?

Read the blurb and discuss and compare with the original ideas about the text from the illustration.

Read and discuss the author’s note and how this will affect their understanding of the book.

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