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Lesson Plans: CanCan Cafe

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Series of Lessons based on Kangaroo’s Can-Can Cafe by Julia Jarman

Lesson 1: Teacher to read book.  Discuss structure of book, where ideas come from and use of language.
Talk about cultures of Australia and France.
Play can-can music.

Lesson 2: To understand the meanings of unknown words.
Give each pair an unknown word from the text eg. glitzy, regalia, belle, slither, jeers, suspense. Same ability pairs, matched carefully to word.
Read story again, emphasising these words in context.
Pairs to discuss their perceived meaning of their word.
Report back to class and compare ideas. Discuss why these words were used.
Extension: look the words up in a dictionary.

Lesson 3: Talk about the style of the illustrations.
Paint a large picture of own emu, based on shape and colours as shown when they dance the can-can.

Lesson 4: Introduce the hidden theme of the book – that everyone has their own hidden talent which they might not shout about.
Invite children to share with the class something which they are good at, which we might not know about. How do they know they are good at it?

Lesson 5: Write a short sentence describing their hidden talent. Why do they enjoy it?
Mount and display writing around the emus.

Display: See photograph

Evaluation: The children were very excited to base so much enjoyable work around one book. It was stimulating for the teacher to be able to incorporate many aspects of the curriculum.

Lesson Plans by Janet Rhodes -Lancot Lower School
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