Alice Model Nursery and The Big Red Bath


Children's Activities inspired by Julia Jarman's story book ‘The Big Red Bath. 

We had a very interesting workshop with some of the actors from the Half Moon Theatre working with the children.  During the workshop the children’s imagination soared, enabling them to create their own stories inspired by the ‘The Big Red Bath’. 

Later, there was a visit to the Nursery from the author, ‘Julia Jarman’.  She retold the story of the Big Red Bath with the use of props.  This captured the children’s imagination and inspired children to make story books of their own. 

All of the children at the nursery then had the opportunity to visit the Half Moon Theatre to watch ‘The Big Red Bath’ on stage.  There were lots of opportunities for the children to participate in a number of different activities related to the story, including, role-play, collage story-writing, and the re-creation of characters from the story using different materials. 

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The Big Red Bath soundtrack was in the background, as the children played. This supported the children’s ability to recall the sequence of the ‘Big Red Bath’ story, and encouraged movement and language from the ‘Big Red Bath’ story. The children were excited about re-enacting the role of their favourite animals from the story. 

A small group of ‘Big Red Bath’ enthusiast also enjoyed the experience of visiting B&Q to look at and explore real bathrooms.

In the Nursery we re-created our own Big Red Bath experience.  The children enjoyed exploring the various bathing accessories and equipment, including, sponges, mesh puffs, towels, and shower heads, dishes, bubble machines, bathing toys and more. The children took on roles to help one another get clean and tidy.  Exploring the various coloured and scented bubble baths and shower gels to create their own bubbles, and to explore texture, colour and smells, was a particularly enjoyable experience for most children.

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